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Ease Massage Therapy is a family of massage therapists dedicated to providing the highest quality of massage therapy to help people in need.

Massage Therapy Instructor: Katherine Corbin (Voted the River Valley's Best Massage Therapist 2010) 

Master Massage Therapist: Derick Corbin (Voted the River Valley's Best Massage Therapist 2012)

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Founded in 1993 by Katherine, Ease Massage Therapy is built on the princples of "People Helping People" a tradition passed down through our families for generations.

Highly skilled and well trained, we are always striving in our education, the advancement of our profession and how we can use that to help people in need. Our passion of massage therapy has brought some very wonderful people into our lives and we learn something new from every person. We are unique individuals, providing a unique service to other unique individuals. Whether you need clinical massage therapy services for pain and dysfunction, or just need to relax and unwind, we want to be your Massage Therapists.

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