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30 Minute Massage  (massage focused on a specific area such as upper back, low back or neck & shoulders) 



60 Minute Massage (a full body massage, neck, shoulders, upper & low back, arms & legs) 



90 Minute Massage (a full body massage that is extended, allowing for a more thorough & therapeutic experience. It combines a relaxing massage with more time for your troubled areas)



120 Minute Massage (a full body massage that is like no other, a 75 minute massage relaxation massage, with an additional 45 minutes of massage focused on your troubled areas)



Healing Stone Massage (a full body 90 minute relaxation massage that’s combined with the therapeutic properties of warm basalt stones)                  



Prenatal Massage (massage that is specifically oriented for the mother to be, each session is adjusted accordingly to accommodate the needs of mother and child)

30 minutes $30

60 minutes $50

 90 minutes $70

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